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The Stench of Truth

30 – 03 – 2012

Government, Religion and Dark Mysticism


Ted Torbich: Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of The Stench of Truth Radio here on Inception radio network. My name is Ted Torbich and I am your host. My show is live every Friday from 7 to 9 PM Eastern Time; that is 4 to 6 PM Pacific Time. Today I have a fabulous guest, someone that I have been eager to talk to for a while and I am glad that we have been able to hook up for the show today. That is Jordan Maxwell, who should need no introduction to anybody who has been interested in the esoteric and some of its related areas of study including theology and symbolism. Most importantly as well is the secret society, religious origins, ancient symbols, the occults, hidden biblical teachings and mysteries. I will read a little bit if Jordan’s biography from his website which is

“Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / religious philosophy. His interest in these subjects began as far back as 1959. He served for three and a half years as the Religion Editor of Truth Seeker magazine, America’s oldest free thought Journal (since 1873). His work exploring the hidden foundations of Western religions and the secret societies creates enthusiastic responses from audiences around the world.

He has conducted dozens of intensive seminars, hosted his own radio talk shows, been a guest on more than 600 radio shows, and written, produced and appeared in numerous television shows and documentaries (including three two-hour specials for the CBS TV network, as well as the internationally acclaimed 5-part Ancient mystery series – all devoted to understanding ancient religions and their pervasive influence on world affairs today.

His work on the subjects of secret societies, both ancient and modern, and their symbols, has fascinated audiences around the world for decades.

Considering the rapidly moving events of today, the very real part that hidden religious agendas play in our modern war-torn world, he feels these controversial subjects are not only interesting to explore, but too important to ignore! His extraordinary presentations include documents and photographs seldom seen elsewhere.”

Without any further due let me introduce Jordan Maxwell, ‘Hello Jordan and welcome to the show.’

Jordan Maxwell:  Thank you Ted. I am honoured to be on the show and I appreciate it. It’s quite a world we live in, isn’t it?

Ted Torbich: It certainly is. I had the pleasure of talking to John Larsh a couple of months ago. We were talking about the nous tics and the teachings of the archons substitute reality. I’m starting to believe that we are living in a synthetic reality. The craziness that we see within society everyday and the ludicrous nature of things that is presented as news everyday makes me think that there must be some insane people running the world.

Jordan Maxwell: No doubt about that. Insanity is operating all over the world. I have been talking about this stuff since 1959/1960, so I have watched the world for many years changing, and I know where it’s going. I knew a long time ago where it was heading and unfortunately so many people don’t realise what’s going on. I think Americans have pretty well figured out that they don’t have any power to do much of anything. The reason why they don’t have power is because knowledge is power and they have no knowledge. If you don’t know how something works or is designed, you leave it alone because you will hurt yourself at the end. People have no idea in the world how government works, how institutions work, how the systems are set up or who set the system up. So if you don’t have any knowledge about how anything works or what the words mean, you are going to be a victim.  You didn’t realise what was going on and sadly there are professionals who are ready to take you for a ride real quick. That’s what happened to America, it’s my country and I love it, that’s why I am concerned. The same things happened to the whole world.

Generally speaking, people around the world, more specially here, have no idea how anything really works. You should understand that with all the craziness and lunacy that’s going on in the planet everything still works. We still have jobs; we still live from day to day. No matter how lunacy, crazy and criminal everything get; all still works! This implies that there is some kind of overshadowing, all encompassing power over this earth. We all just live from day to day never realising that there is something else going on in this planet. We are all busy getting on with important things in our lives like football, tennis, television. It never even occurred to us to ask where does our government come from? Who runs this country? What’s going on about law, banking and insurance companies? Nobody seems to know, nobody seems to care, and as long as everything continues to work there is no reason to question anything.  America is in trouble, most of the population of the country can read but they don’t understand how anything works.

Ted Torbich: You are bringing out a very good point that things continue to works even though it’s crazy and it makes you wonder, why don’t people stop and say, ‘I need to get off this roller coaster?’

Jordan Maxwell: You are right! ‘Why is it that the harder I work the rearward I get? Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? The banks are making millions and I get nothing. When is this going to stop?’ The more people who are religious pray to God the worst things get. It appears that praying to God isn’t getting anywhere because the evil and the darkness are ruling the world and it’s totally uncontrolled. It would appear that we don’t have the power to do anything. I‘ve often equated our situation in this country with the animals out of the scenes of the great aeroplanes of Africa, thousands of them running around with their offspring, grazing, doing what they normally do (whatever that is) and enjoying each other’s company; not thinking much about anything. While on the other hand, the lions are organized, they are viciously crawling on the high grass so that no one should suspect what’s going on; planning an attack. It takes only 6 lions to make a move on the thousands of animals and one of them is going to die. The thousand animals stampede because they do not have an intellectual acumen or the intelligence to protect themselves, they just run.

That is what is happening in America. We are depending on the law, the police and the courts, banks or the federal government and they are all corrupt. The whole entire super structure of western civilisation is corrupt. As one British statesman said, ‘they are all power corrupt.’ An absolute and sovereign dictatorship of the political reign which means ‘you have no freedom’, no recourse to life; you have nothing. They can arrest you anytime, take you out and no one will ever hear from you again. That’s what they did in Soviet Union, that’s what the communist system did for the Soviet Union and we always used to read about it many years ago. All those terrible atrocities against the Russian people, from Stalin, Brezhnev and all these dictators of the proletarian, so what goes around comes around.

Ted Torbich: We have several control mechanism going on in this country right now and a large part of your research has dealt with religious origins. One could easily point to religion as a very strong control factor in this country from its very founding, but there are some other things as you have pointed out over the materials that you brought out over the years, the connection back to the Vatican and to UK and London specifically for the United States. It seems as though the United States is not a country but is in fact a corporation.

Jordan Maxwell: That’s a very interesting subject in itself. I consider it to be very important but most people I talk to about this don’t really know what I’m talking about, so I’m often responding to deaf ears. I don’t even talk too much about it anymore. If you talk to the internal revenue, contact them on the federal, they will tell you that if you want to deal with the United States of America, the constitutional republic that was founded in 1776; if you want to deal with that government, founded in 1776, you will have to go to Philadelphia and they will give you a telephone number and an address in Philadelphia, where you can contact the United states federal Government of the republic. If you are US citizen, then Washington D.C. is the head of your government. There are two governments operating in America, the one that they call Constitutional Republic, which was found in 1776 and a corporation, like a company, privately owned and incorporated back in the 1870’s, called the United States Corporation.

This corporation stipulated that anyone that was an employee of that privately owned company will be called a citizen of that corporation. The corporation became the United States Company. If anyone asks you if you are a US citizen, they are not asking you if you are an American! Any good lawyer will tell you to listen very carefully when under oath in court. If you answer that you are a US citizen you think you are lawfully here as an American but that’s not what the question was asking. You don’t realise that there is a difference between being an American, which is under the government in Philadelphia and being a US citizen, which is a private company. By law, as a US citizen you do not have the recourse to the constitution or the bill of rights; it does not apply to you. Theoretically out on the streets, you are a free individual but if you work for a certain company you are not free for the eight to ten hours that you are at work. When you leave work you are not under their jurisdiction anymore, you are now free. As US citizens, me and everybody else, we are not under the republic. We have to understand these words to know how the system works.

I don’t have a problem with it; US citizens lived very highly than the Europeans, centuries’ ago. US Citizens are not covered by the constitution, they don’t have any rights, and they are not under the republic; that changed in the 1870’s at incorporation of United States.

Ted Torbich: It’s quite true that individual people in this country do not have rights to the constitution in any court case. Most people don’t realise that a lot of people flip about idea of having freedoms and the supposedly guaranteed civil rights and inalienable rights as they are in the constitution. Many court cases that have been brought into courts, in one case in particular I can’t remember the name of it, and the justice explicitly said to the complainant that as a citizen they have no recourse to the constitution. It shows that we are not a part to it.

Jordan Maxwell: That’s correct, that’s the law. It has been adjudicated that way. As a US citizen, you are not covered by the constitution or the bill of rights so you don’t have any constitutional rights. You can call me crazy and think it’s funny, mock the people who are trying to awaken you up but the bottom line is when you get to court you will find out the hard way. At that point the reality will finally trickle down in you; you are not an American but a US Corporation citizen. If you think I’m fooling you, go and do your research on the two governments, the USA and the US.

Ted Torbich: I am familiar with the activity in 1871 which incorporated the United State Corporation but I’m not convinced that the United States was ever a free nation, free of England and the crown.

Jordan Maxwell: I totally agree with you because when you get back to the original, the colonies were referred to the 13 companies and as I have heard, were under the British East India companies which were directly under the queen of England. The history of the western civilisation as it has developed in the past 1600 years is very interesting; the way the rest of the world has developed, where it came from, where concepts, ideas and religion have all developed. When you go back to the ancient history, chasing down what happened 5000 years ago, 2000 years ago? The coming of the Vatican, what happened 1600 years ago? Because western civilisation is a product of Rome, 2300 years ago starting with the Caesars, Europe was ruled by Rome. At the fall of Rome, I think it was year 425 officially, and then comes the Vatican which peaks up the powers of the Roman Caesar. Today the cult of Pope is sitting in the seat of the Roman Caesar; he is like Caesar in his very title. It is the title that was given to Caesars of Rome, ‘Pontifex Maximus.’ The Pope rules Rome and Rome rules Europe. For 2300 years, Rome, either under the Caesar or the Vatican has dominated the life of Europe and for 2300 years Europe has dominated the earth. Therefore, for 2300 years Rome and Europe have dominated the planet.

All the wars , violence, bloodshed, criminality, mental derangement in governments, assassinations, drug running, gun running, all roads leads to Rome. Go back and do your homework! The Holy Father represents those powerful, dark forces on the earth, the Roman Empire. America was founded; I’m just explaining to you where it all came from. Even when the schedule was founded it was in Philadelphia, not Washington D.C. Eventually when Washington D.C became the central power and was laid out, it was laid out exactly like the Roman Empire was. In the ancient Roman Empire, the history book says that the seat of power where Caesar ruled from was a place called Capitol Lion Hill or Capitol Hill. He ruled up on the hill where there was the Roman Summit. He proclaimed himself among us as the absolute god of the earth. If you didn’t like that then tough and when you get tortured and hanged out with the eyes popped out and tongue cut out and people see you that will remind everyone who the boss is. The same mentality still exists in the mafia today. God father, he is not only the father of your nation, he is god. That’s where Caesar rules from Rome, through the summit.

Today we have a Capitol Hill, we have Caesar and we have the summit. It’s all laid out in Washington D.C., a lot of interesting symbolism, e.g. interesting artefact like the Washington monument, which is the Egyptian Obelisk. A lot of people go there to admire the wonderful and credible construction of this Obelisk, never realising what an Obelisk is. An Obelisk is a male erection and it directly connects to the females’ ovaries, the oval office. So you have the oval doing business with the Obelisk. That’s why you have to have it with the summit up on the hill. You have another body called the Congress. Congress means sex. Look for any good law book and look up the word (cames 29:38) or Congress, they both mean the same thing. You have (Corres 30:11) and Congress. Therefore, the whole symbolism of Washington D.C. is a hidden occult symbolism that tells us that the sun gives life to the earth energy, and that the male and female create life, the parents of the life that they create.

Therefore the federal government of Washington D.C. is connecting the male with the female and they are giving birth to the population which is us, the law of ‘Parens Patriae.’ This law says the government is your parent and has absolute control over you. The government is about the male and the female and they gave birth to you, the president is the father and the first lady, in any family is the mother. When you understand the sexual occult dark mystical secret symbols that are in governments, insurance companies, corporations, colleges, universities and police departments coming from thousands of years ago, you will understand that the whole world that you live in is a matrix, a symbolic matrix. It’s a magical system of power, usury, and manipulation, exploitation of power elites who are far wiser and smarter than you are. They have set up a system thousands of years ago that we still crawl under today. We have no idea in the world how the world works and we talk about freedom but when we see the queen mom, everyone falls. Some faints and get dizzy in the head with ‘the queen mom did this and that’. We can’t wait to see the great prince and his bride.

I have never been impressed with people who look down on others as subjects. From a very young age I was asking questions of adults, and people around me wondered who I am. Unfortunately the world likes people who are above others.  people are insulted that you would even attempt to communicate with them. The British Monarchies that live in castles, violence, human traffickers, and narcotics traffickers, my God, it’s about time the healer raised his standard! Just look at what is done before God the creator; because if there is the God who has caused us to be, then the universe has insulted that source of power. We have crawled on our knees to praise these Presidents, Queens and Prince charming and all these holy men, what a disgrace the human race is to the God that created us. I feel that very soon, we are going to discover that we have been held by people who are far smarter and clever than we are, and as bad as you are you can never come close to how evil these people really are.

The more we change, the more we stay the same. Until and unless we understand that God created us to be free.  When babies from their mother’s womb are totally free, they are not under anybody’s law. At least the animals are free. But unfortunately we are not free, we are born slaves. Right from childhood we are taught what to do and where to go when the bell rings at schools. We have learnt virtually nothing in schools. You don’t think for yourself.

Ted Torbich: It’s called programming. It teaches children to be good members of society.

Jordan Maxwell: Well that’s what they call it, a programme. Just remember that propaganda does not deceive you; it was designed to help you to deceive yourself! I realised that at 10 years old, I wondered why people fell down when they saw the Bishop or Mayors, who are they? They are not any different from us, why are we crawling in our knees? There is nothing holy in Israel, New York or Mecca or any other place for that matter, it’s all a religious establishment on the earth.

Tom Torbich: A lot of people are unfamiliar with your work on the symbolism of Washington D.C, there seems to be a great emphasis placed by a lot of researchers on the Masonic layout of the city and the Masonic symbolism that is hidden within that. Can you tell us how the Masonic symbolism of Washington D.C. relates to the sexual symbolism that you have pointed out with the monument oval office or are they the aspects of the same secret agenda?

Jordan Maxwell: The question you asked is very similar to connecting the mafia to the Italian people. There are certain Italians who are in the mafia, maybe, but they are not the Italian people that I am connected to. It’s very difficult to paint with white brush that everything that’s evil has to be Masonic in Washington D.C. One pointed fact is that much of the symbolism in Washington D.C. is Masonic. However, the modicum experience of freedom that we enjoy that nobody else has been able to enjoy in the earth for at least, the past 8000 years, the modicum freedom from 1776 to 1848 when people were pretty much free, carried guns like the cowboys in the wild wide west days and those cowboy movies, riding to town and they didn’t have to have a permit or licence. There were no police or sheriffs. So the system as it was set up, whatever downside it may have, it also gave to the world a new idea, a new concept. Like all humans, there is not one perfect. I don’t want to paint with a white brush all of Masonic symbolism as evil because I know it’s not.

There is a very story behind the founding of America, the British Empire and especially the Vatican’s. There is a lot of history that has been hidden that we don’t know, a lot of history that has been distorted that we do know. So I feel that the Masonic order as masons of America is not an evil empire at all. I think there are evil people in it but there are evil people everywhere, in churches and in governments. There is good and evil in everything. I believe that the symbols that you see in Washington D.C have a far more ancient background. A lot of the symbols that the Romans used in their systems came from the Middle East and Egypt. To answer you, there are good and bad in everything.  Like Martin Luther King said, ‘you judge each person on the basis of their individual contribution to the human race.’


Ted Torbich: About the origins of the religion, we have the so called three major and most influential – Christianity, Islam and Judaism. They seem to be based on the same stem of knowledge that goes back to the ancient Judea people, Old Testament and the torah but I don’t think most people understand that there is a lot of ancient mystery schools that were adopted by the ancient scribes, they put together the torah and some of the older books that these three great religions are based on. I wondered how far you have dug into the ancient mystery schools and what connections have you found between them and the current religions that are operative today?

Jordan Maxwell: There are many different ancient mystery schools in different cultures, the Greeks, the Romans, the Jewish, the Samaritans, the Egyptians, they all had them, especially the Hindus. The great cultures of the world have always reserved the real story; wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It was not given to a lot of people which is understandable, because most people are not interested in God or where they are going when they die; people would rather watch soccer.  The elders always reserved spiritual knowledge to themselves because they care about the basics. For example, if you had a two story building and you want to put a lot of heavy weight on the second floor, before doing that, you would be smart if you went downstairs with a building inspector to move the ceiling tiles and look at the foundation of that second floor. This is to assess whether it would hold that kind of weight before you build on. What you are doing is you are standing under the foundations. This is what is called understanding, because you are standing under the foundation. This means that you have no idea at all, and you cannot understand religion, God or anything secret if you haven’t spent time to get a consensus of where all these stuff about numerology, the occult world, the Greeks, the Romans, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Hindus are coming from.

People don’t think about whatever it is that they believe. It is usually what they have been taught. People often see the world according to their culture and accept their culture as the correct one. They know nothing else and they think what they know is the best. That is the reason why it seems as though nobody knows what they are doing when different cultures come together, it’s because of their different systems. You have to know it, not just believe. It’s like being in the jury and you decide the accused is guilty based on your gut feeling, before you can hear the story and you don’t want to hear anything. Well, in that case then you are useless to the court because you are prejudice. This is exactly the way the world accepts their different political believes, religious beliefs, philosophical ideas and their culture.

All of our beliefs are manmade, that is not to say that there is no God. It’s just that the one people are worshipping are the ideas of the priesthood. All these religions are about the book that they read. There is nothing spiritual about them. It means we have a way of doing things; it’s a way of a protocol. This is the reason why the world is in chaos of criminality, corruption, stupidity and the ignorance. It all works because it is in the nature of humans to be arrogant, self-centred, and egotistical know it all. I believe the New Testament story of Jesus is the greatest story ever told. It is an in-coded story in the New Testament, a mind blower, it is a metaphor. Religion is a profession. Religion today is a manmade institution based on ancient pre-historic and ancient concepts and ideas that have been curtailed. Made into religious organisations and political movements and the people of the world just go along to get along, they always have. Collectively, the people of the book, all three, are brainless. That is why they all love the Lord; they are all good people and they are killing each other.

Nobody has ever questioned where did Islam, Judaism or Christianity actually come from? Religion has misled the planet. Politics are merely two hands on the same body because there has never been a political movement that was not religious and vice versa. It’s like a card magician, they need two magical hands, and they are run by the same brain. The democrats and the republican are all financed by the same people.  It’s just business about the good fight; we want to be entertained with a good fight.

Ted Torbich: I was discussing the political issue with a friend this week. We were talking about the two party systems and how things basically boil down into two points of view. That’s true of everything. I discussed on this show about UFOlogy and subjects related to that as well. But I think if people were to actually look at any particular issue they are into opposing points of views.

Jordan Maxwell: You got it! If you are coming to walk on a marble floor and someone pours oil on it, then you are not going to be able to move because you need friction to move. The bottom line is very simple, the whole concept of spirituality or deity is based on the triage God, the Hindus had Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the Christians have the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and the Hebrews had Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I have asked Rabbi’s whether there was any of Abraham, Isaac and Jesus, or Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; it’s just a symbol for God. There was no king Solomon or king David. I believe that the New Testament is a powerful story telling us in a very strange way and interesting way some of the truths the world has ever known. If you go back to the very beginning of the religion, (at least 8000 years ago) the concept was, there was a war on earth that was initiated in heaven.

The war on earth was the fight between light and darkness, because the heavens with light for 12 hours and darkness for 12 hours. Man realised that light was good because it brought life but when the sun went down the whole world was left in the hands of the prince of evil called Seth. Predators come out and it was cold. The light was called the sun, talk about God’s son as the light of the world.  The New Testament is a story of war between light and darkness. Light represents symbolically as a metaphor, intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Light was the understanding of wisdom and darkness was stupidity. The earth has been at war between light and darkness, between good, intelligence and spiritually minded people who are thinking and questioning and reasoning. On the other hand, you have the darkness of evil, corruption and badness. Jesus is referred to as our risen saviour, of course the sun rises. He comes up on the horizon in 12 steps, one of His names in the Egyptian religion Horus, the most high God because it doesn’t get any higher than 12 noon and then goes into decline until He leaves the world in the hands of his evil brother, Seth the price of darkness.

The mythology grew from that and today we use Horus as Horizon, when He comes up in the morning. He walks upon the sky in 12 steps; we say its 12 Horus’ and we interchange ‘u’ and ‘r’ to make 12 hours. It is actually 12 Horus. Jesus said I am the truth and the light; where the light is the truth is. That’s why He had 12 disciples. 12 is a very important number in the bible. It represents the signs of the zodiac, the 12 months of the year, the 12 apostles. From English words, Good becomes God and evil becomes the Devil. You need to understand words and their origins. Most people do not have integrity to admit that they have been misled because they want to be well thought of, so they just go along to get along. Nobody wants to be seen as stupid.

Ted Torbich: I find the kind of animosity between the great religions of the books rather humorous, given that they all have a very basic fundamental beginning. When you look at apologias of different religions, they go to great lengths to try to point out the differences that they themselves have. My own interpretation of my studies of religion origins, is that in Christianity what you have is a solar religion. It is a religion about the sun and the sun being the giver of light, warmth and life to the earth. As you point out the story of the New Testament, it’s a further transformation of the sun being the symbol enlightenment; in the sense of intellectual wisdom and how wisdom and enlightenment can free you from darkness.  The idea of ignorance and lack of knowledge, I do think is the most important lesson that can be gained from understanding symbolism and origins in the New Testament.

There is a humorous notion where  Christian apologias point out that Islam was based on the worship of the moon at some point, Judaism, prior to its adoption of the Aryan, worshipped many delivering gods and some of them different and unusual.  It is also believed that at one point venerated the moon, and there is also the idea of Saturn, which is an interesting concept that we have not been able to get into. But when I see the kind of bickering that that goes on between these three religions, it makes me feel and know that it is just designed to keep people divided and cause descent and breed the kind of discontent that is evident around the world, so that people can be petted against one another when it comes down to war or change or anything else that they pious want to accomplish.

I just want you to comment on that Jordan.

Jordan Maxwell: All three religions are designer religions. There is a lot of work that’s been done even in the 1800s, there was profound research work done.  Today we have extraordinary good reference works that are being developed, tracing where the different movements of where religion comes from. I do not believe at all that there was an ancient Israel. Some of the best theological work coming out of Israel has been done by 2 Jewish archaeologists and teachers; their book is called ‘Unearthing the Bible.’  Of course there is history in the Old Testament. You have to know what real history is and what fabricated history is. Dr William Harwood wrote ‘Mythology’s last Gods’, it documents everything on how Israel never existed. Most of all that we call Judaism, Islam and Christianity were documented in the AD, none of it was in the BC. The entire Bible is a metaphor. I am fascinated by the Christian story; I know that it is a metaphor but I also know that it is a very practical story. It tells you a lot of interesting things about life you should understand that what you are reading are metaphor.

For example when Pilate asked who he should release to the people, Jesus or Barabbas?  The people opted for Barabbas. Jesus represented symbolically the truth and the light while Barabbas represented darkness and evil. With one voice the whole city said ‘give us Barabbas.’ When people are presented with the light and darkness, they will always choose the darkness. The truth is people will always choose what they want. Generally speaking most people do not want to hear the truth. They will not pay to support it.  Religion has always mocked the divine universe. The metaphor in the New Testament has Jesus saying, ‘by their fruits you shall know them.’ What are the fruits of all religions – violence, evil, ignorance and stupidity? That’s the fruitage that shows that these religions have nothing to do with the spiritual movement. Most people cannot handle the truth. They will rather believe what they want.

Like I said at the beginning, the propaganda didn’t deceive you, it helped you to deceive yourself. Everything is corrupt in this world. There is no institution that is not corrupt. It is incredible what the human race has turned into. people love the darkness, they love the occults, and it’s good for business.  Eventually we are going to come to a speck where everything in the world is gone and it’s at that time that people are going to cry out to God. And He will not be found.  I think Christians haven’t got it yet, again it’s just what the scriptures said, ‘You look with your eyes and do not see, you listen with your ears but do not hear and with your heart you do not get the sense of it.’  Churches are divided into many denominations, because of money. Religion is a business, the Mafia knows it and I know it.

Ted Torbich: One last question before we close; do you have any opinion about 2012? Do you think this is all nonsense hyping happening?

Jordan Maxwell: I was asked in 1999, by a German motion picture company, what I thought would happen in the year 2000.  I think all this is a CIA operation of how gullible we really are? The Mayans do not know anything.

Ted Torbich: I will encourage everyone to dig into Jordan’s material because it will put a different spin on all the stuff that we have been sold over the years. Thank you Jordan! You shared your insight with us over the last couple of hours. Thank you everyone for tuning in. Join me again next week.


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